Indie game developer composed of industry pros. Working on a 16-bit era RPG titled Shadows of Adam.

The Crew

Josh Garlitz
Role: Programmer, Developer
Favorite Game(s): Age of Empires 2, Mega Man series
Bio: Since his childhood, Josh has always enjoyed making things. Over time, his hobby of programming turned into a career in web development after he realized ‘making things’ is a viable profession. Now he’s using everything he’s learned along the way to make Something Classic productions come to life. When not programming hobbyist or professionally, he can be found rawking out on guitar.

Tyler Mire
Role: Composer, Micro Manager, Scolder of Josh
Favorite Game(s): Final Fantasy 6, Super Mario 3, Goldeneye
Bio: When not composing music for “Shadows of Adam”, Tyler can be heard tootin’ his trumpet all over Nashville, TN in recording studios and with artists such as The Mavericks, Sam Moore, Tim Rushlow, and others. He also leads his own 18 piece big band, The Tyler Mire Big Band which plays his own original compositions and arrangements.

Tim Wendorf
Role: Art Director/Artist
Favorite Game(s): Earthbound, League of Legends, Yoshi’s Island, Smash Bros
Bio: Tim has over a decade of industry experience producing art for web and mobile games. He was an art director at Zynga for 3 years and has worked on games such as Treasure Isle and CityVille. Tim left Zynga to pursue an independent art career and found himself involved with the Something Classic project as a result. When he is not working on Shadows of Adam, he is busy doing freelance game art for a number of successful companies.

Luke Wacholtz
Role: Writer, Level Designer, Self-Appointed Voice of Reason
Favorite Games: Final Fantasy 6, Half-Life, Ice Hockey (Nintendo)
Bio: Luke (a.k.a. Lun Calsari) is the creator of The Way, an epic indie RPG with a small cult following. He drives an antique 95′ Toyota Corolla, is raising a young wolf cub, and would be a hermit if he had a beard. He sincerely wishes he had bought some Bitcoin when they were a penny a pop.

Tyler Deren
Role: Programmer, Technical Consultant, Canadian
Favorite Games: Baldur’s Gate Series, Skies of Arcadia, Chrono Trigger
Bio: The other Tyler (aka Ty or lTyl), lives in the mystical land of Canadia; where polar bears and beavers fight one another for supremacy of the land. When he is not relaxing in his igloo or fighting off raiding beavers, he can be found pushing faulty code to the “Shadows of Adam” repository and proudly exclaiming in the team chat: “It’s done!” Rumour has it his editing privileges were removed from the game design document after ending every sentence with “eh?”.