Weekly Content Blog #53: The Arena and the Forge

Welcome to the 53rd installment of our (occasionally) weekly content blog! To celebrate this special occasion, I am going to go over a couple of backer specific bonus areas!

The Arena


On the bottom floor of the infamous Artifactor’s Guild lies the arena, where the bravest of warriors test their luck against a variety of foes. In practical terms, there will be a series of challenges to choose from, each presenting a series of battles based on locations you visited in the game.


Each tier consists of 5 battles, which are more difficult versions of enemy encounters seen previously. You cannot access the menu in between battles while you’re in the arena. To make things even trickier, your inventory is temporarily replaced with a tier-specific inventory, and your team will experience a unique handicap.


The handicaps vary from being limited to only using skills, to all skills doing 150% damage, to enemies being much more likely to dodge physical attacks.


The tiers will be challenging, even if you’re well prepared! But should you clear through these challenges, the rewards will be immense. We have largely completed the development side of the arena and look forward to fleshing it out in the testing phase!

The Forge


Another unique area in the Artifactor’s Guild is The Forge. When you first visit this place, you will be given a unique artifact, which¬†may appear useless at first. However, you will quickly learn the power of this artifact: it contains three slots to place existing artifacts, allowing you to craft a custom accessory with great power. You want a single artifact that raises a hero’s HP, makes them attack twice, and attack all enemies at once? The forge can get you there.

We’re still working on the development aspect of The Forge, but it will add another dimension to the gameplay for those who are so inclined! We hope to get this all wrapped up soon, and we can’t wait for Shadows of Adam to be released to the public!

Weekly Content Blog #52: Kickstarter Backer Quests

The last three weeks I’ve been working my tail off to bring the wonderful quests created by our Kickstarter backers to life in Shadows of Adam.

Isn't there something creepy about children facing away from you in the middle of a dark cavern?

Isn’t there something creepy about children facing away from you in the middle of a dark cavern?

This is no small task. A Kickstarter survey can’t always capture everything you truly need. So I ended up having some late night chat sessions on Skype and Facebook. One of our backers was in the middle of a vacation in Europe, but he still made some time (what a guy!) to make sure we got his quest into the upcoming beta.

This pirate be guarding booty, yarr!

This pirate be guarding booty, yarr!

The quests run the gamut from serious to seriously oddball, and I hope everyone will get to enjoy them very, very soon!

What letter does this island remind you of?

What letter does this island remind you of?

Weekly Content Blog #51: The Road to Completion!

Hey everyone!

In just under three years, Shadows of Adam is nearing completion! This post is going to be a brief look at what’s new, what’s left, and the future of Shadows of Adam.

What’s New


Finishing our credits sequence was a big accomplishment because it finally hit me that the game was nearing its end. It also includes one of SoA’s best compositions, a 7 minute long melody of Shadows of Adams themed timed out to a thrilling ending sequence. All composed by the sexy guy listed above. That’s all I can say without spoiling it!

More Save Slots:

This was something that was added just yesterday. But sometimes you get these little gems late in development. Before you only had a measley 3 save slots. But “This is 2016” shouted the masses! Voila and now you have 15 save slots! Now you can save before every boss just so you can get that perfect RNG roll which will shave 1.5 seconds off your speed run.

Kickstarter NPCs:

The town of Dradora houses a vibrant cross section of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. However none are quite as eccentric as the ones our Kickstarter backers designed! Backers who pledged enough were given the task to create their own NPCs. The result…well let’s just say it has made Dradora a whole lot more interesting!

Backer’s Dungeon:

One lucky backer, with the expert guidance of our own level design guru Luke, designed his own dungeon for the players to experience as an optional side quest at the end of the game. Ladies and gentlemen we present to you the “Lost Cave”. Tough as nails monsters who will pound you into the dirt? Check. Challenging puzzles designed to make you pull your hair out? Check. Legendary swords, game changing artifacts and more treasure than you can shake a stick at? Check, check, check.

What’s Left

Testing, Testing, Testing:
The biggest hurdle left is more testing. While the team has made many full playthroughs – fixing up to 50-100 minor polish issues in the last month alone, there are always issues that we miss; edge cases not yet found or oversights from staring at the same game for three years. The game will be going out to testers this month and we are looking forward to tightening up the project even more.

Kickstarter Quests:
We are currently finishing out the remaining Kickstarter Backer quests. These are a collection of side quests that allow you to find some of the game’s most powerful weapons and armor. You’ll want to nab these items before trekking through the final dungeon!

The future of Shadow of Adam

New Website:
We will be launching a new Something Classic and Shadows of Adam webpage this month. These streamlined sites will provide info about the game and the five handsome men that make up the Something Classic team!

Once our new websites are live you will have an opportunity to pre-order your own copy of Shadows of Adam. Get it while it’s hot as the early copies may be selling for lots of gil years from now.

We will also be launching a new action packed trailer to get people totally psyched about our game!

It will be an exciting month and we’re glad you chose to join us! Thanks again for all your support and please keep visiting this site for more updates on the project. Questions, comments, ideas for “Shadows of Adam II: Racing”?

E-mail: info@somethingclassic.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SomethingClassc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SomethingClassicGames/
Forums: https://forums.shadowsofadam.com/
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/somethingclassic

Alpha Demo Changelog (0.90.3-alpha)

I have updated the Alpha Demo to v.0.90.3-alpha. You can download the update via your download page. If you have not received an e-mail with your download link, or have lost your download link, send us an e-mail or message us on Kickstarter: info@somethingclassic.net.

v.0.90.3-alpha Change Log:
Crash Fix: Fixed game crash when you open the menu by pressing X and S simultaneously and then immediately pressing Z, X and S simultaneously while on the world map.
Crash fix: Fixed crash where game would freeze if you entered a battle with 0 HP and then used a Revive.
Crash Fix: bug where the final boat sailing scene does not load. (0.90.0 works but 0.90.2 does not)
Crash Fix: Fixed crash involving broken inns caused by 0.90.2 update (0.90.0 has working inns)
– Fixed bug where talking to Captain Blackrot does not show the choice window.
– Potential fix for performance degradation on Wind Tower base screen and Wind Tower boss fight.
– Performance: Reduction in RAM usage on game start.
– Mac OS X: Fixed crash where loading bar freezes on game start.

If you have not yet filled out the survey, and you bought a gravestone, NPC or quest tier, please fill out your survey as soon as possible so we can get your content created. If you lost your survey, send us an e-mail or a Kickstarter message.

Alpha Demo Release!

Hi all,

To those who pledged at the Dradoran Soldier tier ($12) or higher, you should be receiving an email today from Humble Bundle with links to the Shadows of Adam alpha build! There are multiple versions to choose from. Currently, we support Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X 10.8+, Ubuntu 12.04+, Fedora 21, Debian 8.

We worked tirelessly the last few months to make this alpha as great as possible for you all, but it’s possible we may have overlooked something. If that is the case, we’d love to hear from you on our forums!

SoA Forums:

SoA Bug Report Forum:

Bug Report READ ME:

The alpha demo offers approximately 2-3 hours of game play, from The Tangle through the town of Borges. The alpha build is nearly feature complete, but we still have some missing sound effects and minor music looping issues. These will be addressed in our final build. :)

Thanks for your wonderful support and getting us this far. The Kickstarter has allowed us to go above and beyond. The fund have ensured that we have the best quality graphics, sounds, and assets needed to make Shadows of Adam an incredible experience. Thank you a million times!

Something Classic Team,

Tyler, Ty, Josh, Luke and Tim

P.S. Sometimes Humble Bundle emails get sent to spam or promotion folders, so if you don’t see it in your inbox, please check there!