Weekly Content Blog #41: Updates, Updates and More Updates!

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We want to thank all of our backers once again for the incredible support! Running the Kickstarter campaign has been an incredibly humbling experience for all of us. Since the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign, we have been working incredibly hard on the game. In this update, we are going to show off some screenshots, some GIFs and provide an overall progress report regarding the state of the game. This post will be media heavy, so I apologize in advance to those who may have a slower internet connection! Also, if you have not yet done so, come join us on our forums: https://forums.shadowsofadam.com/

Since our last update, how have we progressed?

The Story
From the start, we wanted Shadows of Adam to focus heavily on story and character development, with a central theme being a journey of self-discovery. We did not want to weave a tale filled with the clich├ęs of old: “Our village was destroyed…” / “An ancient evil is awakening” / “Collect the crystals to save the world from doom!”. Instead, we wanted to share a story about how four unlikely friends (Or siblings, in Kellan and Asrael’s case :)) react to the changing world around them. Of course, we still have many tropes of games past, but we wanted the story of SoA to be something different from the norm. As development has progressed and the cut scenes that established the histories of these characters were developed and fleshed out, the player will develop a strong connection with these characters and will understand the motives that drive them, even if we do not explicitly state their motive. The story is definitely a strength, and we are very excited for everyone to experience it :)

New Enemies
When we released the SoA demo during our Kickstarter campaign, we received a significant amount of feedback regarding enemy weaknesses and strengths. Players wanted to see battles play out more like a puzzle, where certain enemies are more immune to some attacks but weaker to others. This was always our intention. The Wind Tower will definitely please those players who want to see enemies with a wider range of abilities. Since the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign, we were working hard on developing more enemy varieties and giving them additional abilities. In the Wind Tower, you will encounter enemies that have full immunity to physical attacks as well as enemies which give immediate rebound damage. Some may even receive more than one action in a single round, overwhelming your defenses. Here are three screenshots showing off some of the new enemy sprites we have inside the Wind Tower.

Defend Command!
Another recurring request we have received was for a ‘Defend’ or a ‘Wait’ command. Due to the nature of our AP System, maybe you want to withhold an attack or action for a round in order to recover some valuable AP. We took the suggestions and had a great discussion in this thread: https://forums.shadowsofadam.com/threads/lengthy-demo-feedback-battle-ui-maps-and-a-bug.6/ and took it a step further. When you use a ‘Defend’ ability, you receive additional perks instead of the regular defense boost and AP% restore boost. In Misty Woods, there are enemies who would constantly counter your physical attacks. Well, go back to that area and use Kellan’s ‘Parry’ command and smack them right back with a counter! Click the thumbnails to see what each ‘Defend’ command does for each character.

Introducing Talon
We gave Talon a short character teaser back in Dev log #34, but we were mostly silent regarding the abilities Talon has in the game. All of Talon’s skills are called ‘Tricks’, with the offensive abilities based on chance. His signature move, the aptly named “Pick a Card” ability, has Talon shuffle a deck of cards and then flip one at random. Further, he possesses many defensive abilities that makes him a very difficult target to strike in battle.

Water Garden!
Legend says that before the Wraith War, the Water Garden was the most beautiful and wondrous location in the world. Today, the water garden is an overgrown ruin. Mechanically, the water garden is a very interesting location. The heroes have to drain pools of water to open new passageways, deal with ancient guardians, and manipulate an old Wraith War artifact to control pillars of water. It may be a ruin today, but it is still a pretty area to explore :).

Bonus Promotional Shots
The first continent in Shadows of Adam in 4k resolution!
The Water Garden in 4K resolution!

Report Card

  • Currently our artists are prioritizing art tasks for our backer Alpha Demo. This demo will provide gameplay up to the end of the Wind Tower and will be given to all backers. Once these art tasks are near complete, we will be sending off the surveys and allocating tasks to the artists to fulfill all in-game art requirements for backer rewards.
  • Currently all maps are designed and feature complete, sans backer specific rewards (Such as NPCs), with the exception of the final dungeon. Art tasks have been created for the final dungeon.
  • All in-game events have been implemented from the game script, with the exception of the final dungeon. The total event count is currently at 210; at the end of our Kickstarter campaign we had 130 events completed. We currently have 111 different level IDs; at the end of our Kickstarter we had 74 level IDs. Please note: These level IDs represent the amount of individual level files we have in the game. They do not represent ‘unique’ levels that can be explored.
  • Our 500 Point backer reward: a custom drawn desktop BG given to all backers is currently in production.
  • Our 1000 point backer reward: All Kickstarter backers will get an exclusive live orchestral recording of the Magma Sanctum song. We are working on this now and will get it sent out shortly.
  • Our 1200 point backer reward: a digital art book will be worked on once our backer alpha demo is sent out.
  • Finally, if you have not yet done so, feel free to register on our forums: https://forums.shadowsofadam.com/. All backers receive a special ribbon :)
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    100% FUNDED! & New Surge Rewards + Reward Tiers

    Woohoo! We did it! Thanks to all of you backers for this very impressive last hours surge! Of course we couldn’t have done it without you. We’ve got the charts to show it, and we’ve got the rewards to prove our thanks!

    Now made available to all backers is the Shadows of Adam digital art book. Look, see, and learn about the art in Shadows of Adam as we give you a digital tour of its aesthetic. You’ll discover full-color concept art, progress shots, special write-ups and more in this Kickstarter exclusive reward.

    Our next and final goal is at the 1500 mark. We believe you guys can unlock it! Below you can find out how.

    Now that we are funded, getting greenlit on Steam is our highest priority!

    Now we’d like to make mention of a new reward tier and a blow out sale.

    Legendary Hero Reward Tier: Is now just $300. Which is a 33% savings from the original $450 price!

    Do you have what it takes to be the best dungeon designer? Usurp the Wraith Lord and create a dungeon that will put players to the ultimate test. Your dungeon will be made available to every Kickstarter backer for free as DLC. The dungeon will be made available to non-backers for purchase. INCLUDES THE DESIGN A QUEST REWARD.

    Finally, let’s wrap things up by giving a final shout out to some great projects that could use your help.

    Dragons of Legends: If you’re a fan of beautiful pixel art and online play, this game is for you! The project recently failed its first campaign and immediately relaunched to great success! They still have a lot of time left in their campaign and could use your help to fully realize the game’s vision.

    Feudal Wars: Are you a retro RTS fan? This game is a medieval realtime strategy game, styled after the great RTS titles of the 90s. The game will be free and easily accessible from the browser, with an emphasis on multiplayer and online community.

    Knights and Bikes: Inspired by games like Earthbound and Secret of Mana and films such as The Goonies, Knights and Bikes looks to be an incredible ride through nostalgia lane. From developers on Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank, this is a product you can be sure to trust!

    And that wraps things up. If you have yet to pledge, have been meaning to increase your pledge, need to see Shadows of Adam on Wii U, PSVita or want to take advantage of the new rewards and deals, now is your last chance!

    75% Funded & Live Orchestral Recording

    Hey everyone,

    We have officially entered the final 72 hours of our campaign and have hit 75% funding! We are feeling super pumped about getting this game fully funded and the last few days have seen a HUGE increase in pledges. Thanks to you all!

    Thanks to your efforts you have unlocked the next surge reward!

    The Magma Sanctum is one of the final dungeons of the game where the player must traverse timed heat rooms, jump over lava pools, and solve complex Wraith Orb puzzles.

    When tasked with composing the music for this level, I knew I wanted the music to be earthy and have a tinge of anger to it. The element of fire brings to mind strong, visceral feelings. I felt the best way to capture this energy was in a 12/8 Afro Cuban rhythm (example here: https://www.google.com/search?q=12%2F8+afro+cuban&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8).

    This piece features fiery brass stabs, an ethereal sitar melody, and a relentless afro Cuban rhythm played by the bass, piano and drums. Not being content having this tune only existing in the context of Shadows of Adam, I then adapted the tune for my 19 piece big band, The Tyler Mire Big Band. In fact, it was just this last Sunday that we went into the studio and recorded it!

    Click to unlock your reward!

    Some people were curious about the previous surge reward (alpha access up through the Wind Tower dungeon) and its availability. Once the Kickstarter campaign has ended we will focus on finalizing the alpha build and will make it available to all backers through a private link.

    There are only 2 days left, but plenty more rewards to unlock! Here’s a reminder on how you can help fill the surge meter.

    Don’t forget to vote YES for us on Steam Greenlight. We are very close to being greenlit, and would appreciate your help in these final hours!

    Before we sign off we would like to point you guys to a very cute project in its own final hours. Wandersong is an adventurous little title where you walk around and interact with tons of unique and memorable characters through song and music. It has really colorful visuals and a fun, whimsical, style. It’s a beautiful title, and with your help it can sing for you songs of praise!

    And that wraps things up for tonight. With just $5000 left to raise, we are confident that this game will be funded. But don’t be lulled into a sleep, there are only 2 days left! If you have yet to pledge, or have been meaning to increase your pledge now is the time to do it.

    60% Funded & New Backer Rewards!

    What’s at the top?
    Today the surge has really picked up, and we’ve found ourselves quickly hitting the 60% funded mark. With all of your support you have also unlocked the first surge reward! When this game is funded, each backer will get a Shadows of Adam desktop background illustrated by professional artist Kim Herbst.

    Thanks to a tremendous effort on reddit the surge meter is cruising straight for the next reward. We will reveal what the reward is next update, will it be unlocked by then? If you forgot or don’t know how to unlock the surge rewards this list will remind you.

    And don’t forget to vote yes for us on steam! Comments go a long way!

    And now for today’s update. We have upgraded and changed the Shard Guardian, Legendary Hero, and Wraith Lord tiers.

    Shard Guardian -you can now design the weapon AND armor for the hero of your choice

    Pledge and pick your favorite before it’s too late!

    Legendary Hero
    -Now includes the Design a Quest reward. Lowered cost by $50

    Wraith Lord
    -Now includes the Design a Quest reward. Lowered cost by $100

    Be sure to take advantage of these new deals while you can. The surge is growing and they’ll be snapped up before you know it!

    And finally we will wrap up this update pointing you to a project in need of a surge. Overpower is an arena shooter inspired by the MOBA and MMO genre. Customize 4 different classes and enter
    into multiplayer deathmatch mayhem! With 5 days left, it is unlikely to be funded, but a little bit of awareness can go a long way.

    As always, if you have yet to back or have been meaning to increase your pledge be sure to check out our main page.

    55% Funded & 19 reasons to back Shadows of Adam!

    Welcome back backers and potential backers to another action packed update!

    After hitting 50% we surged forward to 55% very quickly. We suspect this pace will continue to grow over the week, and there is a good chance we will be fully funded!

    The first surge reward is almost unlocked! A backer exclusive Shadows of Adam desktop background illustrated by Kim Herbst. A woman of some internet legend thanks not only to her amazing talents, but also a piece of Zelda fan art that’s gone viral on many different occasions.

    A sampling of Kim Herbst’s work

    Keep supporting us and promoting the game to unlock this awesome reward for backers at every level! As a reminder message forum and reddit posts to us directly for us to confirm and add them to the chart.

    Now to thank you for your patience, here are 19 reasons to back Shadows of Adam!

    1. Tubular tulips triggering tentacles

    The Tangle!
    2. Suplexing spores Sabin style

    Suplexing a giant mushroom!

    3. Wacky witches whirl wildly while wistfully wooing!

    Kooky Witches!
    4. Bolts brightly beating barriers

    5. Slice slimes, shock slimes, smolder slimes!

    Wailin’ on slimes…
    6. Determination doesn’t deter dragons

    Rally against giant dragons!
    7. Kellan Kickstarters keenly

    8. Threatening thief throws threads

    Mutant thief bosses!
    9. Aggravated aviary assault

    Bird chasin’
    10. Magical Moments

    Street magicians!
    11. Asrael anxiously awaits an answer

    12. Hoppin’ hills

    Cliff hoppin’
    13. Shrieking throuh scary swamps

    The Haunted Swamp!
    14. Curtis will Suplex you if you don’t!

    15. Wretched Wraithlings warble-womping without worry

    16. Casually cruise currents

    Ridin’ wind currents!
    17. Mind-mashing mine mazes

    Mine carts!
    18. Talon treasures the tiers

    19. We’re almost at the top, don’t turn your back now!

    Don’t turn your back now!

    Finally, we’d like to point you towards an excellent game on Kickstarter which is in its final week as well. Children of Zodiarcs is a beautiful looking tactical JRPG which is a bit of a throwback to PS1 strategy games of yore. It has major Final Fantasy Tactics flavor, is highly polished, and offers a lot of promise for anyone craving fresh content akin to the strategy games of that era.

    As a reminder, if you have yet to back Shadows of Adam or have been meaning to increase your pledge and just haven’t gotten to it yet, please check out our page for the latest rewards and their availability.