Weekly Content Blog #29 – Curtis Character Teaser (and 2 Year Anniversary!)

Hi all, we’re still hard at work polishing the demo for Shadows of Adam. We’ve made some major changes to our battle system recently that should make the game much more interesting, and we’re excited to have them integrated.

Also, today is more or less the 2-year anniversary of the day Shadows of Adam began development. Things were different back then¬†and the project is pushing forward with a level of polish I had never imagined possible when it was originally started back in 2013. So, to celebrate the occasion, here is the character teaser for Curtis. Curtis is my favorite character, from his appearance, to his abilities, and especially his deadpan sense of humor. Enjoy this brief look at the enigmatic brawler’s background:


Curtis from Shadows of Adam


Weekly Content Blog #28: Meet the Cast!

The Wrathling, a fuzzy, cute and mysterious creature from the Wraith world

The Wrathling, a fuzzy, cute and mysterious creature from the Wraith world

Last article I talked about post-processing effects and how we are using them in Shadows of Adam. The past three out of the last four weeks have been spent sharing character teasers and I plan on continuing that trend for this week. It’s been a wild ride the past few weeks with a lot going on over at Something Classic land. Look at how our commit frequency has steadily grown over time!

SoA commit frequency

SoA commit frequency

So, let’s meet the cast!

Brash, rash, and sometimes crass, Kellan is the golden boy of Adam. Nevertheless, his father Orazio’s shadow falls hard upon him. A shadow filled with disappointment and even contempt. Beneath a veneer of invincible confidence, Kellan wonders whether he is truly ready to follow in the perilous steps of his legendary father.

Kellan Concept art

Kellan Concept art

AsraelFaceSmallStrong-willed and no-nonsense, Asrael is the adopted daughter of Orazio, the village legend who disappeared ten years ago. Asrael’s origins are unknown. She was brought to Adam by Orazio when she was very small and with her she brought a secret that Orazio cautioned her to hide. The suspicious villagers never fully accepted her, and ever since she has been torn by conflicting desires. Should she continue to hide her secret in the alienating safety of Adam or forge a precarious new path in the world beyond?

Asrael Concept art

Asrael Concept art

CurtisFaceSmallA quiet, hulking, powerhouse. He is both the storm and the preceding calm. With unruffled, unwavering poise, he dispatches foes with an unworldly power as enigmatic and perplexing as the motives that drive him.

Curtis concept art

RavielFaceSmallAlways the underdog, he has struggled with incapacitating bouts of sickness since birth. Nonetheless, he is determined to overcome his weaknesses. He left his friends, Kellan and Asrael, behind in Adam to pursue this course years ago under tense circumstances. Resilient and highly intelligent, he will do whatever it takes to take control of his fate.

Talon concept art

Finally, here are the four main heroes together!


Weekly Content Blog #27: It’s Okay to Cave

I’ve been doing some caving recently. No, not caving into peer pressure or my desire for a huge bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! I’m talking about creating a cave dungeon for Shadows of Adam.

Caves are a mainstay of classic 16-bit JRPGs. They are basically omnipresent. Quick, in under 10 seconds, name a JRPG from the 90s without any caves! … Could you do it? If so, post the name of the game in the comments and color me impressed.

One thing that I’ve seen countless times when it comes to cave dungeons is a certain awkward boxiness. The graphics look like cave walls, but the environment is boxier than the breakfast cereal aisle at your grocery store.

To combat this, a variety of measures can be taken, but one of my favorites is the use of what I call “seams.” What’s a seam? A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go.

The above could have easily been a flat wall. Notice the effect this creates. It broadens the extent of the cavern and gives it a more natural, gnarly form without increasing the playable area.

Using a system of seams can really enhance the look of cave level, and given the ubiquity of caves in RPGs, I want to do all I can to give such a level some extra flair.

See you next time!

Weekly Content Blog #26: Asrael Character Teaser

Wow, week 26! It sure has been a ride in Something Classic land, we are bustin’ our butts to get you this demo. We are taking time to make sure no corner is cut and no stone is left unturned. We want to put the highest quality product we possibly can into your hands! On that note, I will use this post to continue with our character teasers. So without further ado, let me introduce you to our main heroine, Asrael!


As the composer I was tasked with composing a theme for her character. You may recognize thematic material from the Main Theme and Curtis’ Theme. What do you think?

Farewell for now!

Weekly Content Blog #25: Kellan Character Teaser

Welcome Back SoA Fans!

Last article I left off by saying that I’d hope our demo was in your hands by now. Turns out that was a bit of wishful thinking on my part. We’ve been doing a lot to get the demo in shape, and I think it’s appropriate to think that it won’t be ready until at least the time of my next blog post. In case you’re wondering when that is, we each take turns writing the week’s devlog, and there are 5 of us total. For those not counting, that puts the demo at a hopeful early October release.

One of the things I’ve had to do to get the demo ready is work on our landing page and Shadow of Adam’s overall aesthetic for marketing purposes. After many tireless hours I’ve come up with a look that I am happy with. And with my new found powers I wanted to share with you our first formal character introduction/bio.

Ladies and gentleman, Shadows of Adam’s most bull-headed¬†hero, Kellan!


I hope you enjoyed this little teaser. We will be covering combat more in-depth at a later time. Until then, stay tuned for more character teasers. Thanks, and good day/night!