Mire-ly a Music Post


This is Tyler (Mire) here. I handle all music related tasks involving our game project. As the composer for the project, I try and remain involved in the process of story development and understanding the characters so I can translate through the craft of music composition, a musical score that helps to augment these emotions.

The plan for these posts is to share with you various themes throughout the development of the game, showing off different stages of the process, from the sheet music, to various drafts and analysis of how it connects with the amazing visuals Tim and the vibrant script Luke have created.

As an entry post I will share the main theme I have composed for the game. Many other pieces will be based on similar melodic and harmonic elements.

Hope you enjoy the “Main Theme – Destiny Awaits!”

What sorts of feeling do you get from hearing this piece? In my next post I will explore the theme more and show how I’ve used it in several pieces to create a cohesive score.


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